Jobs That Pay 20 Dollars An Hour, Freelancers Can Fluff Their Walle

Are you a freelancer? Are you looking for the job that pays 20 dollars an hour? If yes, you are at right place. I have the complete knowledge regarding this, as I was also a freelancer like you but by luck, I got a perfect job for me.

I am going to introduce 10 jobs that pay 20 dollars an hour. I have no interest in reading educational books, that’s why I chose the job for which I need not study for long hours. I am a bad reader.

I’m joking! I’m joking!

Don’t want to confuse you, I am gonna tell you about the best jobs available for you which can make your pocket full and you can enjoy your weekend with your loved one in a way that you want to. Is that I captured your mind?

Boom! You are caught! Come for a short walk with me.

Jobs That Gonna Make You and Your pocket Full..!

Try Your Pen

Job: content writer
Earnings: 20-26 dollars / hour


If you are a freelancer and you want to earn like anything. Then this option is not bad for you. But if you want to be a content writer, you should have writing skills also.

I know, you don’t like reading that much but if you are a good dictator, then you can write well. You can earn by just sitting at home by your bedside.

So, you can try your hands in this. This experience is amazing, when you love writing, people love reading your pen. This is the job that pay 20 dollars an hour or even more than that.

Do You Love Kids?

Job: Nannying
Earnings: 20-25 dollars / hour


If you love kids and know how to handle their crying, then this is the best job for you. Kids are cute, they are funny. You can enjoy as well earn from this job.

You just have to take care of the kid. Wait! There is one cranky thing for you; you have to check for the diaper also if you can do all this, I think this is the joyous option. I love kids and I love to do this. This is the best job among jobs that pay 20 dollars an hour.

A Tip-Top Job

Job: Makeup Artist
Earnings: 20- 23.50 dollars / hour


Why did I say this job a tip-top job? Tell me? Tell me? Yes, you are right. If you love to be superb from the tip to the top. This is a good option for you.

For this, you just need a training of few months and you can try your hands on makeup. This job can give you popularity also if you become a good makeup artist. You gonna make many customers with your skill.

And yes you can convert your job into your own business. See, I am not giving a sweet mango but Imagine, how long you can go. This job gonna make your wallet full.

Do You Want Money?

Job: Loan officer
Earnings: 20-25 dollars / hour


our dream of jobs that pay 20 dollars per hour gonna full fill here if you opt for this one. You have to become a loan officer. You need not do much about this. You just have to guide customers who seek for the loan.

You don’t have to study more for this. The financial firm is going to give you training of few days and you are through. It is as simple as it sounds. If you have the fascination about this job. Go for it!

Yoga Instructor

Job: Yoga instructor
Earnings: 20-24.37 dollars / hour

If you are the fitness freak, you should go for this. This is the best job among jobs that pay 20 dollars per hour or even more than that. To become skilled in this. You need to join a course of few months and you can then train or guide yoga to others.

The good news is that you can also be benefited if you become a yoga instructor. This job comes under the category of fitness and health. If you are the fitness freak. You can make lots of money from this.

Convinced? I leave you with this thought.

Love to cook food?

Job: Personal Chef
Earnings: 20-30 dollars / hour

You can fluff your pocket with lots of penny if you love cooking. Become a personal chef, cook yummy food and you can earn 20-30 dollars/hour. For this, you need to complete a hotel management course and you can earn very well.

So, you can enjoy your hobby as well as you can make your pocket full. This is the superb job among all jobs that pay 20 dollars an hour. Think about it!

A Graphic Designer

Job: Graphic Designer
Earnings: 20-22 dollars / hour

You can become a graphic designer by learning a course of few months. This is a kind of freelancing job. You can do it from your habitat only.

This is somewhat interesting kind of job, also you need to be technically strong. You can try your skills here. You gonna make good money. What are you waiting for? Go for it!

Accomplish Words

Now, we are through, I have given you not just an idea but the full description about the jobs that pay 20 dollars an hour.

I can bet you, if gonna choose anyone among these, you are going to make a handsome amount every hour. It depends on you, how you take my advice.

Do not run for the money, but polish your skills first. When you are skilled, money is at your doorstep. So, start thinking about this! Utilize your freelancing period in making money and enjoy your weekend like anything.

Cherish moments of your life!

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