18 Easy Ways to Boost Your Income and Make More Money

Looking for ways to boost your income without working overtime or getting a second job?

If so, you’re not alone.

According to CNN, millions of people (myself included) are constantly looking for ways to increase their income.

The good news is, with the advent of the internet, it doesn’t matter if you’re looking for ways to make money at home, or online, there are now hundreds of ways boost your income.

And the best part about it? A lot of these side income ideas require very little work.

To help get you started, I’m going to share 18 of the easiest ways to boost your income.

Whether you’re a broke college student needing some beer money, or a stay at home mom looking for a money-making activity to do during your downtime (if downtime even exists for you), there are definitely a few sources extra of income for everyone on this list.

But really, if you’re wondering how to increase your income from home, even just a little bit, this article will improve your life in so many ways. It can reduce every day stress you feel, give you piece of mind, and even let you actually live a little.

So, without further ado, here they are: 18 of the easiest, simplest, most convenient side hustle ideas to boost your income from home…without getting a second job.

18 Best Side Income Ideas to Make More Money

1. Get a better bank account

This one goes at the top of the list because it’s absolutely the easiest way to boost your income, even if it’s just a few hundred dollars per year.

Chances are, your current savings account interest rate sucks (the national average is currently a terrible 0.06%).

Move your savings over to a bank account that actually pays you a decent interest rate on your savings.

Discover Bank pay 25x times higher than the national average.

You’re not going to get rich overnight, but earning several hundred dollars per year from a high-yield savings account is a pretty good start.

Take 10 minutes out of your day and do this. Over time, the residual income really does make a difference.

2. Take paid surveys

Paid surveys are one of the easiest ways to increase your income from home each month. There are tons of reputable sites out there that pay you to fill out surveys online.

Long story short, companies want to know what consumers think, so they pay survey sites to collect the data for them. Survey sites then pass on a portion of their compensation from companies to you.

By completing a few surveys a day you can easily boost your income by up to $200 a month.

Best websites for paid online surveys:

Survey Junkie – Our favorite in terms of survey selection.

Swagbucks – Free $10 bonus for signing up.

Vindale Research – Free $1 for signing up. Some surveys pay up to $50.

Note: “best” survey sites meaning the highest-paying, most frequently available, and the most respected companies in the industry.

3. List an extra room in your house on Airbnb

This is something that not nearly enough people are taking advantage of! If you own a home, consider putting a room (or the whole place) on Airbnb if and when you leave town.

You can pay for most, if not all, of a vacation by renting out your house while you’re gone. It’s a crazy easy way to increase your monthly income, all while having someone else pay your rent (or mortgage) while you’re out vacationing.

How to boost your income with Airbnb: 

Create a listing by filling out a description, taking and uploading photos, and setting a price. Your listing helps guests get a sense of what your place is like.

Next, you set the availability, and house rules, for your listing. Once your listing is live guests can book their stay at your home, and you start earning money.

To up the “trust” factor for both the host and the guests, Airbnb does require some verification information (which is a good thing).

After a visit, everyone gets the chance to write a review. Reviews keep guest accountable for treating hosts and their homes with respect, and helps ensure hosts make their space as welcoming as possible.

Learn more about how you can make money as an Airbnb host.

4. Turn your grocery shopping into extra dollars

Start by downloading the Ibotta app.

One of the best money saving apps out there, especially for high-volume grocery shoppers, users can earn rebates on virtually any brand of item you buy.

To get your cash back all you have to do is scan the items’ bar code, take a photo of your receipt, and the money gets credited to your account within 48 hours.

You get $10 just for signing up, and they’ll also pay you $5 for each friend you refer.

Your earnings potential is unlimited. Not bad considering you’re helping your friends save money, and handing them an extra ten bucks at the same time!

5. Get cash back when you shop online

So if you’re going to shop online, why not use one of these money making apps and get rewarded for it? Well technically you’re not making money per se, but you are getting money back (cashback) on purchases you would have made anyways. Cool thing is, this is on top of any discounts/coupon codes you already have.

Better yet, new users get $10 just for signing up.

There is no reason not to do this. This is the easiest way to boost your income that you can possible do without working more. You only need an email address to sign up and that’s it.

Even if its $100-$200 per year, stop throwing away money!

Ebates is one of our favorite side hustle ideas because you can generate passive income and save on all your everyday purchases

6. Generate passive income through investing

I run a personal finance blog, so of course I have to advocate for this source of extra income. I wanted to put it near the top of this list because it’s such a great form of passive income. It’s a long term game though. You should only invest if you are okay with not touching the money for years.

If you’re a DIY-er: I recommend Ally Invest.

In my experience, Ally Invest has the most user-friendly platform for new DIY investors, and it’s definitely the best bang for your buck (opening an account is free, and trades are only $4.95 each; well under the industry average). They’ve also got a ton of free resources for you to use, too, which is great.

If you want something a little different: Lending Club.

This is a website that lets you act as a lender and earn interest on your money by letting other people borrow from you. Essentially, you act as the bank, which is pretty neat. Lending Club is the world’s largest online credit marketplace connecting borrowers and investors.

Definitely something worth looking into!

Check out our Lending Club Investing Review to get a better idea of how it all works.

7. Drive with Uber part-time

There are a lot of good reasons to drive with Uber. Even if you only have time to do it a few hours each week, you can realistically make several hundred dollars a month from this most legitimate of side income ideas.

On top of the extra money (which is the main reason to do it), you’ll also meet so many new people, which may lead to some unique opportunities for you that you wouldn’t have otherwise had.

Here’s a signup link to get your application started.

8. Monetize a website and make money blogging

Okay, so this one is not exactly simple, per se. But starting a blog is something that has forever changed my life, which is why I wanted to include it on my list.

With my blogs I am able to connect with people all over the world on topics that I am passionate about — personal finance and entrepreneurship — and I made over $17,500 last month doing it.

If you are looking for true freedom in your life, I highly encourage you to look into this opportunity.

9. Design and sell t-shirts

And not just for your flag football team!

One of the more interesting sources of extra income on this list, Teespring.com allows you to design and sell t-shirts, without paying upfront for inventory.

You basically create a mini-store of sorts and each time you reach your campaign goal of selling a few t-shirts then TeeSpring will batch ship your order to all of your buyers.

10. Hit your weight loss goal

Say what?

Yes, you can actually make money and boost your income by losing weight.

If you’re still struggling to the find the motivation to shed those extra pounds or you simply want to up the stakes a little (literally) then you should check out HealthyWage.

You can enter a team competition and win up to $10,000 or you can place an individual weight loss bet, and go at it on your own.

For example, if you check out their bet calculator, a $30/monthly bet to lose 20 lbs in 6 months could net you anywhere between $200-$529.41.

Come on guys, 20 lbs in 6 months…a lot of you can do this!

Now I’ve tinkered with the calculator a little but it looks like there are some personal bets that could net you at much as $10,000 as well.

Increase your income by winning a HealthyWage bet

Given this was with the max bet of $995, but still, 30 lbs over 6 months to win $7,000?

Now matter how you slice it, if you want to lose weight (and you’re dead serious about doing it), then you may as well get paid for it.

Of course, don’t be stupid with your money.

That being said, if you want to put a few dollars on the line, or simply bet against a few friends, a little healthy pressure can’t hurt.

11. Use this app during your next Netflix binge

As it turns out, Swagbucks is good for a lot more than just paid surveys.

In fact, one of my favorite ways of making money with Swagbucks is by watching videos on your phone.

So, the next time you are watching Netflix (or doing whatever you do), pull out your phone and open up the Swagbucks app and click “Watch” and then pick a video.

Once you’ve done that, you can set your phone down (you’ll probably want to turn down your volume) and start your Netflix binge on another device. And voila, you’re now making extra cash while vegging out.

As you “watch” more videos, your earnings increase.

Swagbucks gives you $10 just to open an account. There is no reason not to join and at least try it out!

Over time, you will accumulate enough “Swagbucks” to redeem for gift cards to virtually anywhere (or a Mastercard gift card, which is essentially the same as cash).

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12. Get rid of your old textbooks

Instead of selling your books back at the bookstore at the end of each semester (where you’re at their mercy to accept whatever price they give you), you should consider other, higher-paying options.

Let BookScouter compare book prices across 44 vendors and then choose the one that offers you the best price (much like Expedia does for flights and hotels). With no listing fees, free shipping, and the best price for your book, there is no reason to sell anywhere else.

If you’re a college student and the bookstore is no longer buying it back because it isn’t the latest and greatest edition still on the market, BookScouter is your best friend. Be smart and get the most back out of your education investment.

13. Flip thrift shop items and sell for profit

Chances are you’ve been to a flea market and/or estate sale in your lifetime. And chances are you’ve thought to yourself that you could probably sell one of those items for even more than what you paid for it.

Well you’re definitely right. In fact, people make a living from it.

Take Rob and Melissa at Flea Market Flipper for example. They make over $100,000 a year traveling to flea markets and flipping items for a profit.

The longer you’re in this industry, the better you’ll do. As you gain knowledge about how much items typically go for, you’ll be able to increase your margins and make more off each flip.

Fortunately, even the flea market novice can quickly spot items that are massively undervalued and sell them at a profit. It’s one of the more fun ways to boost your income!

14. Share your life story on Instagram

Have you heard of influencer marketing?

It’s a new trend in the marketing world that involves companies using social media “influencers” (people with a lot of followers) to promote their brands.

If you have a particular interest or hobby like fitness, cooking, travel, etc., and have a decent following on Instagram, you may be able to turn your audience into cash.

A little while back we interviewed Emma, who makes $3,000 each month from her Instagram account. Emma started her Instagram account to document her traveling adventures, and before not too long, she was getting sponsorship deals from all sorts of brands wanting exposure on her account.

And guess what? Now she is working on getting her travel blog off the ground to go along with her IG account, so she has two ways to make money. Pretty neat!

15. Find something you like to do on Fiverr

The basic premise behind the website Fiverr is, “For $5, I will do ________ for you.

There are all sorts of things you can offer up on Fiverr, from designing someone a logo, to singing a song for a total stranger.

Since there is just about every side income idea in the world is on there, you shouldn’t have a hard time finding a good place to get started (and don’t worry, you can charge more than $5 for something).

16. Increase your monthly income by writing for this site

Do you have a knack for writing, and want to reach tens of thousands of people each month? Do you know a thing or two about personal finance, entrepreneurship, or blogging?

Ben and I are always looking for great writers to submit content to our websites. If you have an article idea you’d like to pitch, just shoot me an email at [email protected].

For high quality content, we are happy to pay you!

17. Get paid to tweet

This is similar to getting paid from your Instagram account.

See how Saira Perl is able to make $500 each month from sponsored tweets. That’s a lot of money for very little work!

18. Have “The Talk”

No, I’m not talking about the birds and the bees. I’m talking about having that conversation with your boss about getting a raise. That conversation you’ve been putting off forever.

If you work full time, every $1 per hour raise means $2,000 more for you each year. So yes, it’s a stressful conversation to have with your boss, but it’s still worth it!

Think about it like this:

You would do just about anything for half-an-hour to earn two grand — so have the talk.

The real question:  Why do you want to boost your income?

Whether you’re saving up for a special vacation or want to make a dent in your debt, taking on a side gig or two can be an easy, laid back way to boost your income without working more (or having to take a second job).

Keep the big picture in mind.

Don’t get caught up always trying to make a quick buck.

Do the little stuff (surveys, using money-making apps, etc.) to get a few extra bucks, but always be thinking about how to level up your life and create a ton of value for people (who will then pay you).


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