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3 Best Cash Back Sites Where You Get Paid to Shop (Macy’s, Walmart & More)

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Looking for the best cash-back sites to snag a deal online? Look no further!

If you’re like me (and most other Americans), you probably do a lot of online shopping.

According to Statista, the average U.S. online shopper spent $1,630 last year. (Am I the only one who thinks that actually sounds a little low?)

Unsurprisingly, this number is expected to grow to $2,109 by 2021.

With people doing more online shopping now than they ever have before, being in the know on all the best cash-back sites is an absolute must.

You’re already gonna do the shopping anyway, so why not get money back that you wouldn’t otherwise get?

How do cash-back sites make money?

Wondering how cash-back sites can afford to pay users all this money?

It’s pretty simple, actually.

For every sale they refer to a specific retailer/vendor, the cash-back site receives a small commission on that sale. As a “thank-you”, they basically give you a cut of their commission.

Everybody wins.

How to get started with cash-back websites

Each site on this list offers a cash incentive for all new signups.

Since signing up only requires a valid email address, I recommend signing up for all 3. This accomplishes a few things.

One, you’ll have access to a greater variety of eligible products to potentially get cashback for. And two, you’ll get a sign up bonus from each of the three sites.

If you do sign up for all three, your total bonus amount will be $25 (not even including the cash back that you will earn over time).

Remember, these are cash-back programs. Meaning you’re going to make these purchases regardless — there’s absolutely no reason not to at least get some of purchase price sent back to you.

Even if it’s a dollar here and a dollar there, those dollars can really start to add up over time (I saved about $1,300 with Ebates last year alone).

So without further ado, here are the 3 top cash-back sites I recommend signing up for:

3 Top Cash-Back Websites for 2019

1. Swagbucks

The reason I listed Swagbucks at the top of the list is because it is so much more than just one of the best cash-back sites.

Swagbucks offers several other ways to earn rewards, including surveys, watching videos, and more. Some of their cash-back offers are out-of-this-world good. I’m talking upwards of 20% back in some cases.

If you’re anything like me, you probably do a lot of your online shopping on Amazon. Amazon offers roughly 4% cash back to Swagbucks users. Over the course of a year, that adds up to a pretty good chunk of change!

Swagbucks also partners with major brands like Macy’s, Target, and Walmart just to name a few.

Signing up is super easy — just head over to Swagbucks, enter your name and email, and start earning your free $10 sign up bonus!

signup for MyPoints cashback site

Want to know more about Swagbucks? Check out our comprehensive Swagbucks review.

2. MyPoints

Have you heard of MyPoints? They are actually owned by the same company that owns Swagbucks, so we know these guys are the real deal.

We love them because (like the others on this list) they let you earn cash for the shopping you would do anyway.

And right now, they have a pretty sweet offer for new signups:

You can earn a $10 Amazon gift card when you spend $20 or more at any of their over 1,900 supported retailers!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up for MyPoints here (you just need to give them a name and email address).
  1. MyPoints will instantly send you an email to confirm your email address. You’ll need to confirm your email to get the free gift card.
  1. You’ll need to buy $20 worth of stuff at any of the more than 1,900 supported retailers. MyPoints will then reward you with points, which can be redeemed for a $10 gift card.

That’s all!

Essentially a free $10. Plus all the cash back and discounts you’ll earn from ongoing use of MyPoints. This one’s a no-brainer.

signup for MyPoints cashback site

3. Ebates

Ebates has a similar story to Swagbucks and MyPoints.

You sign up with your email address, make a $25 online purchase within 90 days, and get either $10 cash or a $10 Walmart gift card.

They’ll also give you $5 for any friends that you refer to them, which can add up quickly.

If you’ve made it this far, we are up to $25 in free signup bonuses here.

Ebates is one of the most well-known cash-back sites out there, and they have paid out over $366,000,000 to their members.

And, four times per year (or more if you qualify), Ebates mails you a check or sends you a PayPal payment with your cash back. Just long enough to where you’re not expecting it, so it’s always a nice surprise when it does comesin the mail!

Tip: Ebates is currently offering 6% cash back on Groupon purchases- cash back on something that’s already deeply discounted. Extra savings for the win!

signup for Ebates cashback site

Cash-Back Sites Like Ebates Help You Save Money

You’re already going to buy stuff online. There’s no reason to leave money on the table when you can get cash back rewards so easily for doing what you would normally do anyway.

That’s what makes these three best cash-back sites so useful.

If you’re interested in other ways to earn money, check out these handy articles:

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